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Solar PV

Solar PV gives a great return on investment, whilst providing free electricity to give a reduction on your household energy bills...

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Solar Thermal

Save on your heating bills. Use the sun's energy to heat hot water and you could be eligible for government payments...

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Biomass Heating

Wood pellet fuel is less expensive than oil, LPG or electricity, is easy to handle and eligible for government payments...

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Get Cash Back

It pays to install renewable energy. ALL our technologies are eligible for cash-back payments from the government...

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Commercial Users

How could renewable energy help your business? Installing renewable energy systems makes great financial sense for business...

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Householders could be paid thousands of pounds a year for generating heat by solar thermal panels and biomass boilers.

By changing from oil or LPG you’ll make savings on your fuel bill, receive payments from government and protect against price rises in the future.

The new Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for householders is designed to drive forward uptake of renewable heat technologies in homes across Great Britain to cut carbon, help meet renewables targets and save money on bills. The scheme is a world first, and has been up and running for the non - domestic sector since November 2011.

What’s the benefit?

The tariff level has been set at 12.2p/kWh for biomass boilers.

This means that if your house had an estimated energy requirement of 15,000 kW/h per year, you would receive:

15,000 x 12.2p = £1,830.00 per year, tax-free for 7 years!

You’ll also save on fuel with the Energy Saving Trust calculating wood pellet costs around 30% less than oil and 50% that of LPG!

Please note that the figures used are purely for illustration purposes. All properties will have different energy requirements.

Eligible applicants

The scheme will be made available to homeowners, private and social landlords, third party owners of heating systems and people who build their own homes.

Eligible technologies

RHI domestic will support biomass boilers and solar thermal panels, plus a range of heat pumps.

Tariff payments

Payments will be made on a quarterly basis for seven years. The tariffs have been set at a level that reflects the expected cost of renewable heat generation over 20 years. In most cases, payments will be made based on estimated heat demand of the property.

Scheme requirements

Applicants will need to complete a Green Deal Assessment before submitting their application and must ensure they have met minimum loft (250mm) and cavity wall insulation requirements, where appropriate.

All installations and installers must be MCS certified (TaylorMade Solutions is certified for both biomass and solar thermal). As MCS certified installers, we are also members of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code, which is backed by the Trading Standards Institute. This gives you peace of mind that both ourselves and the equipment we supply has been subjected to rigorous quality standards.

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