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By installing renewable energy technologies, your business can:

  • Make large savings on energy usage.
  • Receive payments for producing electricity using solar panels (Feed In Tariff).
  • Receive payments for producing heat using renewable resources (Renewable Heat Incentive).
  • Receive payments for producing hot water using either solar thermal panels or renewable resources (Renewable Heat Incentive).
  • Actively promote your green credentials.

Free fuel for 20 years? Sounds too good to be true?

There are currently huge benefits for 'early adopter' commercial users. The RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme is designed to kick-start low carbon heating in the UK through very generous payments over a 20 year period.

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Drastically reduce your fuel spend.

Due to the drop in the prices of materials, many businesses are now finding that the benefit of free power plus the feed in tariff makes solar power a very attractive investment.

Solar panels provide a worthwhile return on investment and help protect against future price rises.

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Produce hot water using solar thermal collectors

Solar thermal panels generate hot water using the sun's radiation. Thermal panels (known as 'collectors') usually mounted on a roof transfer heat using a water/antifreeze mix into a hot water cylinder. Once installed, the system provides virtually free hot water for a large part of the year.

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Going green can benefit your business

The Carbon Trust advises that greening your business is a good way of reducing your overhead costs, but that’s only one of the benefits.

Every business can benefit from minimising its environmental impact. While complying with environmental laws and doing your bit to help the planet is important, going green also delivers direct business benefits.

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