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Drastically reduce your fuel spend.

Due to the drop in the prices of materials, many businesses are now finding that the benefit of free power plus the feed in tariff makes solar power a very attractive investment.

Solar panels provide a worthwhile return on investment and help protect against future price rises.

Commercial solar PV systems typically range from 10kW peak power upwards. They can be installed on single phase or 3-phase circuits depending on your existing provision, although most larger systems are often already on a 3-phase supply.

Commercial systems are very similar in principle to domestic systems, only requiring more panels and higher capacity inverter(s).

What are the benefits for my business?

Many businesses gain a 'double benefit'.

  1. As most power is often required during the daytime, most of the power produced can be used instead of purchasing electricity from the supplier.
  2. The Feed in Tariff scheme provides a payback for each unit of electricity produced in same way as it does for domestic systems, with a sliding scale depending on the power production of the intended solar panel system. Any power produced and not used is recorded by an export meter and an additional payment made per unit exported to the grid.

A Solution Designed for Your Business

By examining your previous electrical usage we can estimate which system will give your business the maximum benefit.

We can match the system in order to maximise your use through the day where the solar system can provide power for lighting, computers, air conditioning and ventilation.

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