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Produce hot water using solar thermal collectors

Solar thermal panels generate hot water using the sun's radiation. Thermal panels (known as 'collectors') usually mounted on a roof transfer heat using a water/antifreeze mix into a hot water cylinder. Once installed, the system provides virtually free hot water for a large part of the year.

A meter on the system records the heat generated and a payment is made under the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive). The payments are very generous for 'early adopters', so if your business has a need for quantities of hot water, this could be a valuable investment and also an income generator.

A well designed solar thermal system could provide up to two-thirds of your annual hot water needs.

You might be particularly interested in this technology if you:

  • Have a large hot water requirement.
  • Have a gym, or similar club, with showers.
  • Have a car wash.
  • Have haulage business with equipment that needs regular wash-downs.
  • Run a nursing or care home.
  • Run a campsite or holiday park.
  • Own a farm with equipment that needs regular wash-downs.
  • Have an indoor swimming pool.

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